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G as in Good H as in Happy ("Good and Happy") is an online publication devoted to understanding and fostering happiness; it will address communication, philosophy (non-academic perspective), ethics, law, and studies that look at the variables that seem to affect happiness, flow, and satisfaction.

"Good and Happy" reflects the interests, opinions, and reading of a project consultant, lifecoach, and attorney in Austin, TX, and her circle of friends. If these things interest you, you are invited to become a part of that circle.

At least at the beginning, comments are not open. You are encouraged to direct e-mails to this address: good [underscore] and [underscore] happy "at" Interesting and relevant material received will be posted for discussion.

The blogger, known on the internet as Dilys Ead Daffyd ap Morgan, was graduated from Harvard Law School and graduate school at Duke University several decades ago. She has discovered that degrees are one thing, and open a few doors, but that daily human life is the best of all.