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Ann Althouse

"Sniveling" was harsh. Sorry. And now that post of mine is Instalanched. I hope some of those readers are clicking over to here. Grilled truffles, eh? Sounds Atkins-compliant.

A Berman

"Weak and sniveling"? Ms. Althouse is a Reform Jewish feminist. One must consider the source.

Whenever one hears like-minded rhetoric from Ms. Abzug, Ms. Steinem,and countless other Reform Jewish feminists, one can understand why over 50% of Reform Jewish men marry Gentile girls.

This is one big reason that Reform Jewry is dying out. This is also a big reason why Orthodox Jewry (in which women know their place and their role in the family) will continue to thrive and carry the Jewish people forward, as it always has.


Welcome, to Mr. (I assume) Berman. A woman "knowing her place" is always a dicey piece of rhetoric. Finding one's place in the world in relation to the entire reality, not just the theory of how it ought to be, is something for which Dilys carries a flapping and festive banner. That certainly can mean settling into a rich tradition.

The lovely, luxurious possibility for a Western woman at this historic moment is the freedom to wear silk Edwardian garb, and pilot a plane, not necessarily on the same day. If she wants to, and has the skill, talent, and taste. And without much concern for "her place."

She also has the opportunity to live up to the wholesome aspects of of a vision of generous sisterhood, which doesn't include a kind of grown-up Heathers script of "The cool dudes by rights belong to us."

As another writer, also in the Jewish tradition, put it, "The wind blows this way and that."

You don't have to be a weather man to watch the branches move.

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