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Richard Lawrence Cohen

Hilarious. But did anyone really need another reason to boycott Walmart?

I wonder what's going to happen to poor Kirby when his supervisors find out about this.


Hail, Richard the Good Hearted! Kirby will receive the gift of feedback-loop education, learning a little about customer interface, I imagine.

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Dilys, I envy your facile command of modern vocabulary. "Feedback-loop education!" "Customer interface!" I'd have to do research to come up with terms like those.


If you weren't Richard the Good-Hearted, I'd think you were saying I'm so neck-deep in jargon that anyone else would have to make a study of it to equal the linguistic contamination.

But you are Richard the Good-Hearted : )

Incidentally, I think I made up "feedback-loop education."


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