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Richard Lawrence Cohen

I fully understand a waning devotion to blogging. Stay in touch, Dilys. I'll stop by now and then. You've had a fortunate influence on me.


Thanks Richard. And vice versa.


I'm sorry to see you depart the blogsphere, if only because I'll miss your inimitable and somewhat opaque :) style. I hope you'll still visit around.


I'll miss you too. Can't help thinking molecules and atoms space is a little bit neglected round the nets these days, though. Be happy!

Molly Gordon

I love the above reference to your "inimitable and somewhat opaque" style. It is so close to part of what I feel when I read you. Most of what I feel is pure delight, especially when you go on a bit (as short and opaque can leave this bear of little brain frustrated). I so love how your mind works, and as to your use of language -- delicious.

Perhaps another alter ego or three will weight in from time to time, spelling Dilys (oh dear), free to be erratic and periodic thanks to her lumbering (yet oh, so gracious) departure.



Dammit! Another link to delete from the blogroll.

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