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Thanks for that beautiful portrait, Dilys! :^)


Hey, cool! So was he real, then?


Yes he was, Julie.
They even made a movie about him.
QP provided the name at Walt's place. I'm gonna see if Netflix has it.



Glad to see there's interest in such things down your way!

Your interest if FFW is always appreciated!


I mean, no he wasn't, Julie.
Walt informed me that this legend was a hoax, of sorts, with good intents of course.

Certainly, Giono lived during this time. While he was alive, Giono enjoyed allowing people to believe that the story was real, and considered it as a tribute to his skill. His daughter, Aline Giono, described it as "a family story for a long time". However, Giono himself explained in a 1957 letter to an official of the city of Digne:

"Sorry to disappoint you, but Elzéard Bouffier is a fictional person. The goal was to make trees likeable, or more specifically, make planting trees likeable."

I regret my error. Thanks to Walt for correctin' me. :^)

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A beautyful portrait. I am an art lover and I think that is simply an extraordinary art... well done.

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It is indeed a great portrait, sometimes a picture said more than words.

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very beautiful portrait! I love it!


very nice, well done!

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Who the hell is monsieur Acorn? a clown or a scientist ?

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